Words can not describe how wonderful, amazing and life changing this trip is. The tour was full of beautiful people, spiritual experiences, lovely hotels, delicious food and breath taking sites. The teacher training gave me a deeper understanding and practice of yoga that I've been looking for. Studying yoga in Rishikesh is incredibly powerful. You can feel the beautiful energy as soon as you arrive. It was such an honor to learn from Yogi Charu everyday for 3 weeks. He has such a beautiful understanding of the ancient practice of yoga, and is a living example of what that practice teaches

Ashley Rodriguez
"Yogi Charu is an incredible, unique teacher in the yoga world today. He has given me the opportunity to deepen my practice in the ancient, unaltered ways of traditional Hatha Yoga for which I will always be grateful. Visiting India with him was an om-azing, life altering experience I recommend to all serious students of yoga." ~

Josie Castaneda, founder of Curandera Remedies
Any moment with Yogi Charu is special, but a trip/teacher training in India with Yogi Charu is spectacular! If you are thinking about going to India, I strongly recommend taking a trip with Yogi Charu as it would not be any ordinary travel but something that is guaranteed to take you to the next level of your spiritual evolution.

Yumiko Mikanagi


I had the pleasure of joining Charu on his yoga vacation and Tour of Belize in December of 2013 and January 2014. It was an amazing trip to start each day with an open level hatha class and meditation, and then experience Charu’s home country through his eyes. His friends and family members were also our personal tour guides...

Jennifer Hessner


We covered a lot in our 7 days; the beauty, history and culture of Punta Gorda, the awe-inspiring ruins of the Mayan culture, cave tubing and the beauty and serenity of the Cayes.   We even had the pleasure of joining Charu as he graduated his first yoga teachers of the yoga school he founded in Belize City.  We ended our tour in Ambergris Caye and Charu shared with us his favorite place in the world – The Split.   We relaxed our bodies in the sun and waters of this amazing part of Belize.

Jennifer Hessner
Charu attracted a nice group of yogis and traveling the country by van was a bonding experience! We did not know each other, but we became friends, shared lots of laughs and life stories and made amazing new memories.  It was such an authentic and unique yoga vacation in such a beautiful and amazing country. It was truly an honor, and pleasure to be given such a personal tour of this amazing country by Charu and some of his friends and relatives.

Jennifer Hessner